Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels improve the sound quality of your existing equipment and the acoustics in the space by reducing the amount of sound waves reflected from the walls and ceiling. You can achieve highly effective results even with a few panels as long as they are placed correctly.

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While acoustic panels are preferred in insulation applications, they are installed by taking into account the sound absorption rates. For this reason, we dominate many services such as acoustic consultancy, acoustic design, sound insulation, project design and acoustic application.

Acoustic Panels Models

Unique projects

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

Horizontal panels are primarily used for direct absorption. To stop the propagation of sound waves, absorber panels should be used to convert the sound energy into heat by friction. All our horizontal panels made of sound absorbing materials or glass wool perform well in terms of absorption.

How we work

Acoustic Desk And Room Dividers

When solitary focus is the objective, you can count on our desk solutions to transform any tabletop into a private hub of productivity.

Unıque projects

Acoustic Curtain And Dividers

Sound-absorbing curtains with different designs, suspended from the ceiling with a hanger apparatus, acting as a screen

In general, vertical panels help reduce sound transmissions in an area by preventing sound from spreading from one end of the room to the other. 

stylısh design

Reflective and Absorbent Wall Panels

We make your home, office, movie theater, hobby room and many other places unique with its modern design.

We both absorb the sound and distribute it as needed. Thus, the sound is obtained in the desired quality.

Special Production

Acoustic felt wall panels that you can make special designs

Whatever you see in it, with these acoustic wall panels you improve every room both aesthetically and acoustically.

This pattern can be infinitely laid and it always connects however you mount the panel.


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