Acoustic Phone Booth

With the acoustic phone call cabinet models you can make a difference in your office. The best solution for organizing your open office. Aksa Acoustic phone clubs; colors and shapes are a valid modular and flexible workspace solution. Innovative telephone clubs located in open space offices allow you to make phone calls with acoustic and visual protection that will not disturb your colleagues.

To control noise, we recommend acoustic office cubicles made of open-cell soundproofing materials such as felt or polyester fiber for privacy reasons.

If you want to leave an edge of work stress in the office and make your phone call in a healthy environment, the telephone call cabinet is for you. Some of our acoustic phone club models have enough space for quick notes.

The Telephone Booth is manufactured in specific sizes and thicknesses according to your need. For every kinds of questions you can contact us by the phone: +90 216 592 93 16 or you can type to us from contact us page.