SOLVAY / Istanbul – Maslak

Meeting Room Sound Insulation

We realized the project in the meeting room of the Solvay Group, which has a specially designed acoustic sound-insulated fabric covered wall panel, a pan and a basotect flat panel on some walls.


TGS Airports / İstanbul

Airport Sound Insulation

In the acoustic soundproofing work we have done, we have assembled different models and materials for different purposes. As a panel, a separator was used to provide a working space for the tables and to prevent echoes.

VEHBİ KOÇ / İstanbul – Sarıyer

Education Building Sound Insulation

We reduced the echo to a minimum by using an acoustic faceplate, which is an intermediate section and provides acoustics within the media.


GREEN TECH / İstanbul – Ataşehir

Office Acoustic Sound Isolation

Since the table seperators, which became one of the musts in offices, have the feature of preventing echoes that can occur in the intense working environments, the echo cancellation is provided and a more decorative environment is obtained in the Green Tech working office by using a separator in the tables.

SUMMA / Senegal

Airport Acoustic Sound Isolation

To provide acoustic sound insulation at the Summa airport project, basotect ceiling panels used with special hanger brackets were preferred. Due to the fact that the surface has different colors, the panels produced from the colors of the Senegal flag created an eye-catching appearance on the environment.



Office Sound Insulation

With 3D acoustic panels you can have a stylish look in your office. Acoustic sound insulation is provided with different colors acoustic panels on the wall of Menderes holding office.


Call Center Sound Insulation

In the call center, seperators were used in the tables to prevent the sounds coming from adjacent tables from mixing with each other. To avoid echo and noise sounds in the environment; Acoustic sound is arranged by using acoustic fabric panels on walls and ceilings.


VEM İLAÇ / İstanbul

Office Acoustic Sound Isolation

Offices are places where employees need to work in a healthier environment in their working lives. In order to prevent the echo problem that occurred in the “Vem ilaç” office, we used floating ceiling panels which enable the pan environment to be acoustical.


Hotel Volume Acoustics

Hotels are the places which is visitors wish to be confort. But in this kind large public areas; one of the biggest problem is sound control. In Karaca Hotel, for stopping to noise and fixing to acoustical sounds, we applayed acoustic fabric panels in to do restourant and auditorium.