Soundproof Rubber Underlayment

Soundproof Rubber

Soundproof rubber floor underlayment is a high quality performance acoustic underlayment made from rubber material which is designed to provide a resilient layer to reduce the passage of impact transmission noise.

The purpose of a sound control floor underlayment is to decouple the finished floor surface from the sub-floor and ceiling assembly below, thus disrupting the path of structure borne noise, typically footfall.

Usage areas

Sound Insulation Rubber is used for controlling noise in condominiums, apartments, multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings, and other areas where footfall and impact noise can be the cause of occupant complaints. Sound insulation rubbers should use in; Classrooms, Home Theaters, Doctors Offices, Gymnasium, Fitness centers, Laundry Rooms, Quiet Rooms, Sound Recording Studios, Offices and where where where its needing to underlayment sound insulation.


Use Aksa Acoustic adhesive to Adhere, the “groove side” of Quiet Rubber to your sub floor. Allow 24-48 hours for adhesive to cure. It is recommended that another layer of marine grade or exterior grade plywood be adhered to the “flat” or top side of the underlayment before installing the finish floor.


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