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Acoustic Meeting Module

Acoustic meeting cabinet is a cabinet made to open important conversations in open offices and to increase office acoustics. Acoustic meeting module colors and shapes are a valid modular and flexible workspace solution.

Innovative modules installed in open-air offices ensure a healthy meeting by blocking out sounds that can surround you.

To control noise, we recommend acoustic meeting compartments made of materials that provide sound insulation with open cells, such as felt or polyester fibers, for privacy reasons.

The acoustic meeting module can be produced in special sizes, models and colors. It is covered with a colorful acoustic fabric that increases the acoustics on its outer surface.

To learn the prices and technical details of the acoustic meeting cabinet, you can contact us at +90 216 592 93 16 or send us a form.

Acoustic Meeting Modules Features

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With many color options, acoustic decoration suitable for the environment is provided and since it can be produced in different models, we have acoustic meeting module production suitable for your own taste.

Acoustic meeting booth For privacy reasons, we recommend acoustic meeting modules made of open-cell soundproofing materials such as felt or polyester fiber to control noise from the surroundings.

Main Features

  1. The best performing acoustic panels with a thickness of 70 mm.
  2. Easy to move and reconfigure.
  3. Acoustic ceiling for a high level of speech privacy.
  4. Optimized sound reduction and sound absorption.
  5. Allows free flow of the existing air conditioner
  6. disassembled so that there is no future deterioration cost associated with alternative tradition division equivalents
  7. Integrated lighting with Passive infrared
  8. esthetics design

Add-ons Included

  1. Electric Bench and Ventilation, integrated power and data sockets


Do we need planning permission for acoustic assembly booths?

No, our acoustic chambers do not require planning permission as they are free-standing and disassembled. They sit directly on your floor and are classified as furniture items.

Can your acoustic chambers have electrical power and data sockets?

Yes, we can fit a large number of power, data, and communication units into our partition walls. These are simple plug and play. Whether the sockets are on the floor, wall or ceiling, we provide the cables you need to plug into your existing sockets.

How to operate lights and air exchange units in your acoustic meeting cabins?

A simple power cord exits from the office meeting cabinet and plugs into a standard 13-amp electrical outlet. It’s easy, just plug and play.

Why should we buy your acoustic meeting pods?

To help improve confidentiality for offices, meetings or discussions

How effective are your office meeting booths in soundproofing?

We have a range of acoustic chambers and cabinets with effectiveness scale to meet your needs. Compartments with ceilings are more effective than those without noise reduction.

Can we move the office meeting modules after installing?

Yes, our meeting modules are designed to be disassembled so they can be easily placed anywhere in your building.