Quite Barrier

Quite Barrier

Soundproofing Barrier Roll allows you to enjoy the amazing sound dampening and sound blocking quality of our Quiet Barrier. This high-density, non-porous material is one of our most popular soundproofing solutions because of its ease of use and tremendous effectiveness.

Sound Insulation Barrier protects you from everyday noise; construction sounds, traffic and noisy neighbors. Soundproofing Barriers also protects dampens vibratory impact noise. When you cover your walls, ceilings or floors with Quiet Barrier Soundproofing Roll, you will enjoy clear sound inside the covered area while preventing sound from penetrating or escaping, giving you peace and privacy.

Usage areas

For easy soundproofing at home, recording studio, conference room, office, hospital, fitness center, cinema, commercial recording studios, restaurants or any of a variety of home and commercial applications, you can use Quiet Barrier.

Soundproof Barriers are usefull with their high-density, non-porous specialities for all kind of placesess where sound insulation needing.


Quiet Barrier is environmentally friendly, so you’ll have no problem handling it, and can be cut to any size to ease your installation. It’s easy to install as well. You can use adhesive for apply the Soundproofing Barriers.

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