Acoustic Fabrics

Fabric Wrapped Acoustic Panels

The acoustical fabric allows for a clear voice to be heard, preventing resonance from entering the ceiling and wall surface of the variable fre-quency sound waves generated in the existing space. In this view, acoustic panels can attract the sound communication quality to the highest point in the environment to be communicated.

Usage Areas

Acoustic fabric can be used in any area where acoustic sound insulation is required, such as can use on glass wool or acoustic foam. It is used as an acoustic panel when it is coated on glass wool. An acoustic room kit is obtained with the fabric covered foam. It is usually preferred in studio or home cinema rooms.


Since the acoustic fabric is the preferred material for the use of acoustic panels, these panels are glued on. Solid base liquid adhesive is used for connect to fabric product. You can use it by stapling as shown in the picture in some cases where it is desired to use it as a separator on the table edges.

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