Herklith Square Wood Wool

Square acoustic wood wool is a sound insulation material that has gained a decorative appearance by mixing cement and poplar wood fibers. Acoustic wood panel insulation plates serve as heat shields and protect them from possible fire. As a result of the tests and tests made according to national and international standards, it is determined that the cementitious wood wool insulation board is not flame-resistant and that if it is forced, it is burned by ash so as to form smoke with minimum flame effect, does not form flaming drips, does not flow.

Usage Areas

Square Celenit wood wool is decorative material used in acoustic sound insulation applications, sound insulation works on walls and ceilings. It is also preferred in acoustic environments such as meeting rooms, call centers, conference rooms, and even in mechanical environments. Especially in offices, meeting rooms, etc., you can improve the quality of the business environment.


Solid-based liquid adhesive should be used when it is necessary to use as acoustic material. Apply the adhesive to the area to be applied with the roller brush and then apply the material. If the surface is to be covered with gypsum board, it is woven to make it more durable.

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