Techno Touch Foam

Techno touch is a non-sponge flock coated interior basotect and polyurethane foam, an echo-proof decorative foam. With different models and colors, you can give action on the place.

Usage Area

Techno touch foams can be used in many models and where you want to get an acoustic environment because their colors are takes interest. For example; cinema rooms, radio rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, studio rooms, reji rooms, you can use Techno Touch Foams at everywhere indoor.


There are 2 ways to apply a acoustic colorful foam. First one is to use a solid-based liquid adhesive. We advise you to wear a mask for this procedure so as not to disturb the smell of the adhesive. After you have turned the adhesive into a container, you should find the adhesive so that it is not too much to the roller brush and then apply it to the sponge application area. We suggest you do not go out of the size of the sponge as you can leave traces. You can apply the adhesive to the part where the adhesive is applied by re-applying the material.

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