Basotect Baffle Panels

Acoustic Baffle Panels

The Basotect baffle panel is an acoustic panel that performs effectively in echo cancellation despite the low density produced from the melamine raw material. The basotect baffle panel is ideal for providing room acoustics. Prices vary by size and thickness. Basotect® consists of melamine resin, which is a type of thermoset foam. Its trademark feature is the fine, open cell structure, which absorbs sound to a high level.

Usage areas

Acoustic baffle panels can use it in acoustical places like office, call center, airport, meeting room, shopping center, restaurant, cafe – bar.


For the basotect baffle panel application, special hanger is used. You must first fix it with a drill in the pan and then combine it with the equipment in the material. Alternatively, you can use the sponge adhesive to use it permanently with the baffle paned and not pendent.

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