Velum Acoustic Wall Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Panels

The Velum – Acoustic Ceiling Panels is coated with a durable fabric with a choice of different colors on the front and back surfaces of the high-density cambered coated surface and the vertically grooved edges.

Velum acoustic panels with a high sound absorption coefficient can be used in the environments where the sound of the room acoustics and sound reflections is most critical.

Usage areas

Besides the sound absorber, fabric coated panels can be used on the final layer with a decorative appearance and are easily applicable on concrete or plasterboard surfaces.

Acoustic panels are widely used to prevent such situations that cause bare walls to rupture in office rooms.


It has applicability without using adhesive on walls and ceilings with profiling in the channel suitable for the hidden system with Velum acoustic wall panel.

The product can be installed at the upper and lower ends of the aluminum profile panel junctions using the H profile in the hidden system.
Horizontal profiles of the wall are used to balance the scales and wall defects on the wall. Two horizontal profiles along the wall height are sufficient.

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