Acoustic Slat Wood Panels

Acoustic slat wood panels (65% recycled PET Polyester Felt acoustic panels) is made of environmentally and human-friendly materials with fire resistant and acoustic properties.

Acoustic slat wood panels can be used both in public spaces (for example, restaurants, offices) and in residential buildings. You can choose it as a decoration material on wall, ceiling surfaces, as well as as a design element for furniture.

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Acoustic Slat Wood Panels Specification

  • Raw Material:65 Recycled Felt and Surface Natural Coating Mdf
  • Plate Size: 140cm x 300cm – We produce felt wall panels in the desired size by using these dimensions.
  • Thickness : 21mm, 24mm, 30mm (±)
  • Slats details : 27mm Width(±) 
  • Slats details : Color : Raw color is dark gray, light gray and white. Since the surface can be covered with acoustic felt fabric, you can choose the model and color you want from the felt fabric coating link.) 
  • Slats details : Application Method : Bonding using liquid adhesive


For individual and other projects, if the details you want to adapt are required,  we can help you in every sense of our acoustic wood slat felt panel models since our production capacity is sufficient for this.

Wood and Felt Texture Together..

A large number of aesthetic shapes can be combined into square and rectangular shapes. All these shapes can be used individually or in combination, and you can create a different kind of wall art.

Interesting colors and shapes of the acoustic slat wood panels will completely change the look of any room and give it a feeling of warmth, friendliness, freshness.

You can be sure that our slat wood panels, especially with the exception of all substances, do not contain harmful chemicals.

Your health and well-being are as important to us as the environment, which is why we supply high-quality, sustainable acoustic slat wood panels.

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We’ve all been in a noisy environment, haven’t we? Sound can bounce around, becoming annoying, but not only that, it can cause stress, distractions, and even headaches. This can happen even in our own homes.

With the launch of Aksa Felt Panels® products, we can improve sound quality and provide a stylish and elegant feel in any interior. With a number of coating options of this series, you’ll have a hard time choosing. The felt panel with acoustic wood slats can be used for multiple applications, such as wall or ceiling coverings, and due to its simplicity and ease of installation, you can transform your space in a short time

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It is very possible that each of us has been in a room with poor acoustics. It is unpleasant, uncomfortable, even annoying, which can cause headaches. Concentrating in noisy conditions makes it more difficult to talk to each other and can increase stress.  There are several solutions that can help improve room acoustics, but one of the most effective ways is quick, comfortable and easy acoustic slat wood panels in the installation of wood.

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Usage areas of wooden felt slats

You can use our Aksa Slat Felt® Wood slatted felt panels on your walls to get a nostalgic look in your environment. When you purchase our products, you will get a significantly improved acoustics. The sound waves will be absorbed by the acoustic felt to eliminate the noise in your environment. This way, you’ll get rid of the echo and annoying sounds.

Aksa Slat Felt®

Simple and Practical Installation !

The acoustic slat wood panels are shipped to you securely ready for installation with a slat and soft felt. You can assemble the product by following our installation images without additional assistance


The materials required for the application of felt panels with acoustic wood slats are screws and drills. Choosing a screw suitable for the color of the acoustic felt panel will eliminate the ugly appearance that may occur in the material.

You can easily apply it from certain points to the drywall surface, painted or unpainted wall, wooden door, ceiling surfaces using the screwing method.