Acoustic Fabric Panels

Acoustic Fabric Panels are fabric wrapped acoustical panels designed to absorb unwelcome background noise inside your space, reducing the echoes, and delivering premium sound quality back to your room. The Fabric Panels are class A fire rated, decorative, durable, easy to self install, and ship with a set of clips that make it easy to self install your treatment.


Rockwooll & Glass Wool Ceiling Panels

The acoustic suspended ceiling panel coatings applied to remove noise and noise problems in place T-24 can be paved with the desired axle spacing with the support system. Especially for movie theaters, conference halls, offices and hospitals, they are effective products for damping the sound reflected from the ceiling surfaces.


3D Wall Panels

3-D wall panel that enhances the acoustic value in the environment where it is used and prevents sound echoing thanks to the special glass wool structure and appearance in the 3D Panels which provides the acoustic arrangement of the environment together with the elegant appearance.


Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

In order to prevent sound disturbances such as echo, reverberation, buzzing, etc., which can regulate the acoustics of the environment with acoustic ceiling clouds, the pendulous outer surface of the ceiling used with special hanging apparatuses is a panel in which various designs with various models with attractive designs can be obtained.


Acoustic Table Separators

The unique combination of acoustics, design and functionality with an attractive price-performance ratio makes acoustic table separators very impressive, especially when compared to conventional systems. It provides privacy, zoning and an acoustic screen while ensuring maximum functionality and flexibility with a wide range of products and numerous


Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens are system solution for efficient acoustics management in a modern office working environment.

Good acoustics lead to improved comfort and well-being in the workplace, factors which are crucial to ensuring good productivity. Background noise and indoor climate have a significant impact on the ability to concentrate and the results that are achieved. The design element acoustic screens improves both.


Acoustic Wood Panels

Decorative acoustic wood panels that you can use in exterior and interior acoustics.

This panel, which mixes with the mixture of cement and wood, is effective both in heat insulation and in construction and volume acoustics. Acoustic wood panels known as Heraklith and also Celenit names too.


Felt Cover Panels

felt cover panels from Akustik Mimarlık, a sophisticated and intelligent collection of acoustic panels.

Wool felt is one of the oldest man-made textiles and to produce felt, raw wool undergoes a wet felting process, which involves matting, condensing and pressing the fibers.

– Improved Sound Absorption
– Improved Pinability
– Lightweight, Easy to Install


Acoustic Pods

Acoustic pods are a modular furniture solution to create a room within a room. Office pods offer increased acoustics for meetings, training, office work & phone calls. The acoustic pods are built around a screen panel frame & are linked together to create a room or series of rooms without the need for any wall fixings, making the pods a great demountable acoustic solution.


Techno Touch Colorful Acoustic Foams

Techno touch colorful acoustic foams can be used in many models and where you want to get an acoustic environment because their colors are takes interest. For example; cinema rooms, radio rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, studio rooms, chamber of reji, you can use Techno Touch Foams at everywhere indoor.