Acoustic Screens

Acoustic Dividers

The acoustic dividers can be used in any acoustical environment to ensure that the areas are adequately partitioned in large areas where noise is intense.

It is preferred for partitioning the tables in the office, such as office and call center.

High Density Acoustic Screens

The Acoustic Screens is made of 40 mm thick high density glass wool plate covered with acoustic sound absorbing fabric on the front and back surface . 100 mm high feet provide good air circulation in the rooms.

The high-density glass-fiberboards that are seated in aluminum profiles are covered with different colors of available fabric. Depending on the size of the area to be used, the desired panels are mounted to each other. Aluminum frames can be painted in any desired color.


It can be used easily at the desired place thanks to the acoustic screen system. Modules can be quickly mounted and dismounted without using tools. Optionally they can be connected to each other and rotated at a certain distance.

As Aksa Acoustic Sound Insulation & Coating Materials Company we are producing our own brand acoustic screens. All about acoustic screens and acoustic arrangement needings please feel free to call us, just visit our contact us page.