Acoustic Felt Arrow Panel

Acoustic Colored Felt Panel

Aksa Felt Acoustic Arrow Panel; reduces annoying surround sounds and reflections on the place. It is manufactured using recycled materials. As Akustik Mimarlık we serve you with our original designs. These wall panels can be combined in various shapes and absorbs echo sounds.


The Akustik Mimarlık Acoustic Felt Panel is made of recyclable, formable polyester fiber. Fire and acoustic tests of the Aksa Acoustic Felt Arrow panel were carried out. Can be shared when desired.


The Acoustic felt panels can be cleaned with a damp soapy cloth or special carpet cleaning materials. You can use a vacuum cleaner.

As Aksa Acoustic Sound Insulation & Coating Materials Company we are producing our own brand acoustic felt panels. All about acoustic felt panels and acoustic arrangement needings please feel free to call us : +90 216 592 93 16 or just visit our contact us page.