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Aksa Acoustic Pods ®


As a response to today’s increasing acoustic expectations for office and working spaces, we have brought a difference to the spaces by allowing the use of fabric-covered panels and different acoustic materials , the “Aksa Pods®”


Acoustic Pods Specifications

Aksa Pods produced by Aksa Acoustic used in the development and production of soundproofed special spaces. Unlike other office cabinet sellers in the market, we offer you 1st quality completely with our own hand work.

In our design process, we use acoustic simulation software that provides high sound insulation performance to achieve ideal acoustic values.

Low-noise ventilation system with labyrinth-like internal layout to ensure air circulation within three minutes.

It is equipped with 4000 K daylight color temperature LED lighting system (150 LX), which will meet the needs of normal activities.

Our stand is equipped with 12 V-USB power supply and rated power for 100-220V/50HZ, which meets general equipment requirements.


We offer our customers different options beside of our standards. Many alternatives such as interior and exterior coating color, office furniture used inside, floor covering, lighting system, door handle models, television installation  are also available in our Aksa Pods® products.

Acoustic Phone Call Booth

The phone call has been an important part of our lives for decades. With the introduction of mobile devices into our lives, phone calls have become much easier. Now we can easily make phone calls from anywhere. This situation also has an important place in business life. There are also people who need to make phone calls constantly during business hours.

An office phone booth offers the privacy to make phone calls without interruption in an open plan or activity-based office environment. The materials and design of the office phone cabinet provide a very effective sound environment.


Acoustic Interview Pods

It s excellent sound insulation, the cabin can be placed right next to a work area. The acoustic felt and the acoustic plate made of recycled rubber fiber ,absorb sound, making the anechoic.


Acoustic Work Booth

In our acoustic office work cabinet models, you can create your own space and get rid of the surrounding noise pollution. In addition, has by electrical outlet, it is possible to charge using a laptop or phone and you can use it for a long time.


Acoustic Meeting Pods

Acoustic meeting rooms are an innovative solution for noisy work environments such as open offices. This product provides a high level of comfort with customizable seating and tables, LED lights and sockets.


Usage Areas of Aksa Pods Acoustic Cabinets®

Aksa Pods silent insulated cabins are a system that can be used in offices , call centers, banks, factories or hospitals where the sound decibel is at a high level. You can make private calls, work, listen to music, and reading books without any discomfort from the people around you.