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Acoustic wood panels is a sound insulation material used for sound insulation and acoustic arrangement purposes. Acoustic wood panels are also known as echo reflective panels. There are models with joints and holes. These wood panels are acoustic panels that reflect and absorb noise. These are the panels that provide acoustic regulation to the environment where they are applied and ensure that the sound comes in high quality.

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Acoustic Wood Insulation Panels

Acoustic decorative wooden wall & ceiling cladding panels models.


Aksa Acoustic Wood Panels offer many possibilities to create environments with the highest demands for acoustics, design and appearance. We work in coordination with architects and designers for innovation. Our design is constantly evolving as we develop different surfaces such as coatings, laminates, textiles, metals and colours. Choose your surface and the top coating method you want to get a unique acoustic wood panel.


An alternative to cladding and laminate is to paint the panel directly. Among the many advantages of an Aksa Acoustic panel is its plane and flat surface. Painting an Aksa Acoustic Panel allows us to create a painted surface finish that would otherwise be extremely difficult to achieve in the field. Our panels are available in an infinite number of colors.

Wood Panels Usage Areas

It provides acoustic arrangement to the place where it is applied. It prevents voice disorders such as echo. It absorbs and reflects noise and makes the sound better.

It is used in places such as cinema halls, theater halls, conference halls, fair areas, congress halls, office, call center, school, hospital etc.


Acoustic Perforated Wood Panel

Drilled Acoustic wood panel (perforated panel) is the most economical way to achieve acoustic treatment with a high degree of absorption. With various patterns and hole diameters, different levels of absorption and aesthetic results can be obtained.


Oversized panel versions are available for seamless walls and ceilings, as well as standardized ceiling panels in different versions for mounting with visible, semi-hidden, hidden and hidden applicable profiles.

Installation systems:

Different plates with different coatings are available depending on the type of environmental mounting desired.

Materials and surfaces

The supporting material is always MDF chipboard wood panels in standard or fireproof versions. Surface finishes can be raw, melamine, plywood, varnished or lacquered. More options on request.

Panels may include an acoustic shroud at the back to improve the panel’s sound absorption properties and, as an option.

These reflective panels eliminate problems such as reverberation in spaces. This product, which absorbs sounds indoors, provides acoustic sound quality improvement.

It is used in ceilings and walls where acoustics are needed. These are acoustic panels with sound absorbing and reflective properties. There is a special acoustic fabric in the inner structure. Thanks to this felt fabric, it absorbs sounds and eliminates the echo problem. It is used in places such as conference halls, cinema hall, theater hall, etc.

Reflective Acoustic Wood Panels

Reflective acoustic wood panels;  acoustic reflective panel,  acoustic absorber panel and acoustic absorber – reflective panels, as  well as perforated and striped wood panel models are currently available in our stocks. They are panels made of quality professional MDF and MDF-Lam wood that reduce noise in indoor environments, reflect and help with acoustic arrangements.

Wooden Acoustic Wall Panels, sound absorbing wood panel for the acoustic need in the spaces, perforation to reflective acoustic wood panels, linear slot opening, fabric coated acoustic on the back surface and the insulation material MDF-Lam, which acts as a sound cushion, natural coated, polished and painted.


Our acoustic wood panels exceed 20 different types, each with its own unique characteristics. Then they are finished as standard with high-quality varnish to protect the wood from moisture, dust and dirt. Other tree species are available on request. In addition to the standard transparent varnish, a wide range of stains and colors is available.

This coating can add a nice touch to the linear wood panel. Our coating systems exceed 40 coatings to create the ideal ambience and feel. These panels are then provided with a transparent finish, but if a special look is required, special varnishes, painting or painting are also possible.

On request, match papers or incorrect matching sheets are also possible. An important design is created depending on how the coatings are matched.

Special surfaces and colours for the projects are available on request.

acoustic linear wood panels