Aksa Felt Panels®

Acoustic felt panel baffle separator are acoustic sound insulation materials that allow you to achieve extremely stylish acoustic design with screen curtain models.

Our Aksa Felt Panels® products are a direct response to the ecological sustainability and environmental quality requirements facing contemporary interior design and harmony.

We can cut our acoustic felt panels with our special cnc machine in the models you want. The most distinctive features of the acoustic hard felt panels are that it is fire resistant in light weight B s2 d0, impact resistant, adherable, easy to install, most importantly it has high acoustic performance.

  • High Acoustic Performance
  • Acoustic Arrangement
  • Visual Design
  • Different Color and Texture Options
  • Easy Applicability
  • Space-Appropriate Design

Acoustic Felt Panels Features

  • Plate Size : 150cm x 300cm
  • Thickness : 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 24mm, 30mm
  • Color : Black and anthracite colors available. Its surface is colored by covering it with acoustic fabric.
  • Application : It varies according to the model. Screwdriving, suspension system and bonding
  • 3mm Plate Weight : 10 Kg/m²
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Aksa Felt Panels® Models

Acoustic Felt Wall Panels 

The acoustic felt panels we produce in many models such as hexagonal, triangular square can be used by gluing on the walls and ceilings. It can also be mounted with clips so that it can be used later in a different area.

Acoustic Wood Slat Felt Panels 

If you’re looking for a decorative product whose sound is both reflective and absorbing, this product is designed for you. Mdf thickness and color can be made according to your request. The thickness of the acoustic sound-absorbing felt on the back surface can start from 6mm and go up to 30mm.

Easy applicability is available with screwdriving method.

Acoustic Felt Curtain 

Curtains with felt surfaces can be designed according to the area you will be used with special cnc modeling. It is mounted on the ceiling with an apparatus, like a baffle. Impact-resistant curtains with a wide range of dimensions can also be used as screens.

Acoustic Felt Baffle Panel 

Baffle panels are designed to greatly affect room reverberation time and stop echo in areas with hard, reflective surfaces. Ceiling panels used by hanging on dense ceiling surfaces make them an ideal acoustic solution.

Acoustic Felt Canopy Ceiling Panel 

We produce canopy felt surface panels designed for large volume environments that we can use superficially in volume acoustic applications in different designs like other panels.

Acoustic Felt Separator – Table Panel 

Acoustic felt separation panels, which have entered the world of separators as a new product, are mounted on your table with L Iron. With different size, thickness and color options, they are products that you can get efficiency without separating small and large environments.

Where are Aksa Acoustic Felt Panels ® Preferred?

  • It is preferred for providing acoustic arrangement on wall surfaces with high sound absorption performance for large spaces with volume or limited areas of walls.
    ( Aksa Felt Panels® can be applied with adhesive to the wall as well as fixed directly to wooden slats or a c metal profile.)
  • It can be used in conjunction with suspended ceiling systems for a high-end design.
    ( Although this system is simple, it is used with T and omega metal profiles. It is an ideal method for cables that need to be hidden in the ceiling and for materials that cause image pollution. )
  • It is used in special apparatus as baffles and floating ceiling panels in areas where the entire ceiling surface does not need to be covered.
  • Walls and ceilings can be preferred in areas that require color combinations and different sizes, thickness and texture harmony, mosaics and interior design.

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