Acoustic Ceiling Panel

Acrux acoustic ceiling panel users can present a variable form acoustical panel combined with lighting fixtures with different types and specifications, designed to provide tailor-made solutions that match the requirements demanded in terms of design and technology. The design, which offers two products together, is perfect for efficient use of space, performance and harmony. Acrux is a range of products designed to offer customizable acoustic ceiling panels combined with different types and features of luminaires and to create bespoke solutions that meet the requirements in terms of design and technique.

Usage areas

Acrux ceiling panels are preferred for minimizing the buzzing in large-scale outdoor office environments. Ideal for reducing echoes and reflections in outdoor office environments, lobbies, conference halls, reception halls, museums. In addition to reducing noise, the architectural design can be hung horizontally in the ceiling to help with your goals.


Acrux ceiling panels are provided with decorative acoustical applications which are used to provide more effective acoustical improvement to the existing ceiling surfaces than the gluing technique and conceal mechanical installations in the ceiling sections. It hangs on the ceiling with special hanging apparatuses. It’s light and easy to install. They all have a special suspension set.

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