Rock Wool Sound Insulation

Rockwool Suspended Ceiling Panel provides energy saving by optimizing the lighting and spreading the daylight to the place. Stone wool suspended ceiling panels; consists of a mixture of various chemical substances and recycled garbage, ground and pulverized into basal stone. Manufacturing is achieved by pouring and pressing the molten metal at a temperature of 3000 ° C in a molten state by mixing 54% of the basal stone with 36% chemical mixtures and 10% recycled garbage materials.

Rockwool acoustic suspended ceiling panel 70% -95% -100% resistant to nursing. Absorbs noise and sound to clarify the sound in the environment. Demountable. It is fire resistant and can be painted if necessary. The pan will facilitate later renovations. Hygienic, suitable for human health, asbestos-free values and technical transactions are valid for all our panels. The international TÜV certificate, ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 certified, is manufactured to world standards.

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