Theatre Acoustic Arrangements

Acoustic insulation applications of the theater hall are performed in order to distribute the sound, so that the played game sounds hearable clearly from all points off hall.

Obtaining related applications. When used in ceilings and walls, the acoustic panel prevents echoes and is more preferred for decoration.

Theatre Acoustic Solitions

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Good theater acoustics often require more than a few wall panels. High school theaters, in particular, can be challenging spaces for acoustical engineers such as ourselves to tackle. That’s because these multipurpose auditoriums are used for plays, lectures, assemblies, musical performances, and more. It’s our job to help the architect achieve the perfect acoustical balance for the space.

Location Affects Acoustics

Choose a quiet location for your theater, away from major roads and noisy spaces. Try not to place the auditorium next to music practice rooms, mechanical equipment rooms, etc. Also, hallways and storage rooms can serve as great “buffer” spaces to acoustically isolate the theater.