Studio Acoustic Insulation

The studio room is made for acoustic sound insulation to be of better quality. If you want to set up an acoustic studio record room at your home, you can get the support from us.

Sounds from the speaker can strike the wall or ceiling. In order to test this, the sound of applause is determined by what is echoed to the sound and the sound is turned off by the materials that provide the sound.

The home studio room can be used as a sound recorder for acoustic isolation applications; Computer, Sound Card, Microphone, Music Recording / Processing Program (DAW), Listening System (Headphone and / or Reference Monitor), Required Cables (Microphone Cable, Instrument Cable, etc..)

Studio Acoustic Plan

A common room can be used with music rooms Sound insulation is made to improve the quality of sound recordings made in studio record rooms. In sound insulation and insulation applications, acoustic panel, acoustic foams or decorative materials are used to increase the decoration of the echo, while echo insulation is also provided. For information about the studio room acoustic insulation materials (acoustic panel etc.) and sound insulation, you can call 0216 592 93 16 or contact us using our contact information.