Home Theatre Sound Insulation

Dont you want to have your special Cinema in your home ?

We are working on Home Theatre Soundproofing solitions area with all needed products.

At home the sound insulation of the home theater is applied according to the width of the space, the devices used and the structure of the wall. Extra materials may be needed to accommodate volume acoustics in large areas. Devices that will give a feeling of going home to a movie theater for a movie theater should be chosen in such a way that the position of these devices would not transmit the sound badly. From the sound acoustics problem inside the home movie theater, isolation studies should be done to prevent the voice which can be passed through the wall.

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  • Dimensions and Placement of the System Where the System Will Be Established: The dimensions of the space may vary as desired but the actual and ideal; 6m x 4m rectangular shaped, box-shaped spaces, with as few columns, beams, doors and window-like indentations as possible.
  • Acoustics: The house, which is considered for home cinema, should be avoided from bare places and walls to avoid reflection. An acoustic panel or sponge may be preferred for this purpose. The carpet on the floor will be suitable. It is enough that the seating group is also covered with fabric.
  • Loudspeakers: The front right and left speakers must be positioned on both sides of the picture source at least as far away from each other as possible, close to the corners and facing the seating group at a 60 degree angle.
  • Sound Equipment Placement: All sound and image producing equipment must be placed in a non-enclosed, ventilated location.
  • Cabling: Subsequent home theater room speaker cables must be drawn under plaster and hidden under skirting boards, if possible, as they will create visible and unwanted images.
  • Display System: The choice of picture source to be used in Home Cinema systems depends primarily on the demand, the budget and the dimensions of the room.

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