Polo Suspended Ceiling Panels

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Polo suspended ceiling panels are produced using medium density glass wool. It consists of a plate covered with painted glass fiber texture to create a decorative ceilingAcoustic suspended ceiling tiles with aesthetic appearance that can be designed according to your product positioning preference can be used to improve interior acoustics.

Usage areas

Polo suspended ceiling tiles can be used to hide open installations in ceiling systems. T-24 carrier system can be installed with the desired axis spacing. Especially for cinema halls, conference halls, offices and hospitals, it is a kind of effective acoustic tile for damping the sound reflected from the ceiling surfaces.

Since the POLO product with acoustic suspended ceiling panel with high fire resistance level is resistant to moisture, it can be used to provide acoustic insulation in foodhouses together with shelter from human health hazards.


The installation of the Polo suspended ceiling tile must be left as far back as possible during construction. 15 mm / 24 mm visible carrier system. To prevent contamination, clean, cotton gloves should be used during installation and replacement of plates.

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Polo Suspended Ceiling Panels