Acoustic Baffle

Acoustic Ceiling Clouds

Hexagonal acoustic clouds used to improve the interior acoustics of the fabric-covered sound-absorbing products used horizontally with fixtures and ceiling by being suspended from its surface. Our product range responds to your acoustics and aesthetic needs with powerful sound absorption performance. The hexagonal acoustic ceiling panels offers a clean appearance with a balanced acoustic control.

Usage Areas

It is preferred to minimize the humming in large-scale open office environments. Ideal for reducing echoes and reflections in open office environments with hexagonal ceiling panels, lobbies, conference halls, reception halls, and museums. In addition to reducing noise, the architectural design can be hung horizontally in the ceiling to help with your goals.


The existing ceiling surfaces are provided with a decorative acoustical application which is used to provide a more effective acoustical improvement than the gluing technique and to hide the mechanical installation in the ceiling sections. It hangs on the ceiling with special hanging apparatuses. It’s light and easy to install. They all have a special suspension set.

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