Sound Insulation Foam

Produced through the process of breaking the foam materials into small particles and then compressing them back into foam, these materials are used as sound insulation foam and shock absorber.


Rebonded foams are used as soundproof and noise dampening materials inside walls in constructional applications. They create successful insulation solutions in underfloor applications.

Usage areas

The Rebonded sound insulation foam is used as shock absorber and mounting material at various points in automotive sector while also being used as wrestling mat in sports equipment sector.


It’s also a great choice for sound insulation at industrial and commercial applications, such as auditoriums, Broadcast Studios, gymnasiums and anywhere else reducing unwanted noise and reverberations is a priority.


Rebonded foams; self-adhesive and non-adhesive in two different models are produced. Self-adhesive bondex foams; the yellow tape on the back of the adhesive surface can be removed and adhered to the surface to be applied. The most important thing to be aware of at this point is; the floor to be applied has a smooth structure. After applying the foams to the surface to be applied, apply pressure on the sound insulation foam; to the surface.


Another model of rebonded (bondex) Foams: non self-adhesive model can connect to surface with using our special adhesive; solid-based liquid adhesive. After you have turned the adhesive into a container, stick it so that it is not too much to the roller brush and then rub it into the area to which the rebonded foam is applied. We suggest you do not go beyond the size of the panel as you can leave traces. You can apply adhesive to the part by reprinting the material afterwards.

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